About Nimbus Santorini

A novel design, lifestyle hotel in Santorini nestled in the most picturesque settlement of Oia.


Our Philosophy

A Santorini Oia hotel where island chic is unexpectedly redefined.

Basking in the island’s most spectacular views, Nimbus Santorini is situated close enough to the center of the town yet tucked far away from its touristic roar. Offering “luxury accommodation in Santorini” within an exceptionally intriguing environment, Nimbus Santorini comes to unveil a new notion of island luxury that will enthrall your senses. The bold, minimal spaces are dressed in our characteristic monochromatics, fully embodying the absolute essence of the enchanting volcanic landscape that surrounds.

Here, we are dedicated to pulling out all the stops for your absolute enjoyment each and every day, making sure your time with us is nothing short of captivating. Our philosophy is bound to a sincere approach in heartfelt hospitality so effortless it is positively thrilling.