About Nimbus Santorini

A novel design, lifestyle hotel in Santorini nestled in the most picturesque settlement of Oia.


An Aegean Masterpiece

A Santorini Oia hotel where island chic is unexpectedly redefined.

There’s not a single summer evening when thousands of eyes won’t stand in awe in front of the most breathtaking sunset in the world. However, anyone who visits Santorini can’t help but notice the island’s everlasting beauty across the landscape, especially from the advantageous point of view of Oia, where Nimbus Santorini is located.

Built at a majestic spot, away from the noise and the crowd, surrounded by fragrant herb gardens and olive groves, a spectrum of magnificence encircles it; the pelago with its myriad tones of blue, the sandy beaches, the mainland’s earthy tones, the dark lava shades.