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About Nimbus hotels

As unexpected as the occasional rain cloud, Nimbus Hotels represent all the silver linings to be found in everyday life. Not just when you are on holiday.Life may not be black and white, but these two colours are what make all in the between possible. Join us in unveiling an unexpected kind of island luxury.

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Our Story

Our story is closely related to our dedication in offering you the most effortless holiday experience. Deeply rooted in our philosophy is to make you feel like your island escape offers you absolute enjoyment, through every waking moment. Seeking to provide a holiday experience that goes above and beyond the conventional norm, Nimbus Hotels represent a more unexpected, purposeful and sincere approach. You will see it from the way we have designed our spaces, you will feel it as soon as you walk in, and you will experience it throughout the duration of your stay.

Ultimately, our goal is to make you feel at absolute ease and that you are in the right place. As comfortable as you are in your own home but as distinguished as you are while being our guest. Your fulfillment is paramount to us and we go beyond and above to deliver genuine, feel good holiday experiences that you will cherish for years to come.


Our Cuisine

Discover Mediterranean flavors and allow the sensation of our unique recipes alter your culinary horizon.