Our Cuisine

Bold, excitable flavours that show you the connection between food & the soul. 

Savour the delectable dishes that have been devised with a mind to showcase the finest of local ingredients and the most intriguing recipes of the famed Mediterranean cuisine, with a creative twist. 


Our Philosophy

There is a reason why Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy have achieved international acclaim. Deeply rooted in the fruits of the soil and sea, they draw upon all the natural goodness of the earth, rearing generations upon generations with a cuisine that most of the world recognises as being one of the healthiest, and tastiest for that matter. Greeks do not only use food as a means of sustenance, but also as a way of solidifying bonds between people: family, friends and guests. It is strongly linked to the ancient Greek hospitality ideal, that is archetypically woven into the Greek psyche for treating guests like friends and family.

Our cuisine, curated by talented chef Stamatis Marmarinos, showcases the finest of local ingredients, fuses the traditional with a modern twist and a delicate touch of the gourmet, treating you and your beloved ones to flavours that satiate, inspire and revoke memories you never knew were there.

Dine & Drink

Bold and honest flavours that satiate your appetite for life, time after time.


Dine & Drink

at Nimbus Santorini

Exciting, tantalizing flavours that awaken memories you never knew you had.