A Treat For The Few

Mykonos’ true highlights are all these experiences beyond the range of the obvious, offering more than the eye can see. If you want to embrace the island’s spirit, you must first explore and reach it. This way, your trip can become a mind-expanding journey.

Discover the island’s most well-hidden corners on land and sea through a private safari. We follow scenic routes leading to Mykonos’s authentic heart: Faros, the traditional village of Ano Mera with its amazing taverns, the monastery, and the most discreet beaches. We complement this experience with refreshments, beers, and cold dishes from our kitchen, for the road or any stopover.

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Catamaran tours

Dip into the crystalline waters & satiate your soul

If you feel your true maritime calling, you can always take to the seas with a catamaran tour that reveals all the seaside treasures of Mykonos’ countless little coves. Visit the nearby islands, dip into the
crystalline waters & set sail to bliss and serenity.


Beach Horse riding

Nature, a bit of romance, and leisure

Riding between the waves and the sand can also be an exciting way to discover Mykonos’s unique, cosmopolitan side. Nature and its elements, man and his senses, form an idyllic contrast. As quickly as the sea erases the traces of hooves, the impressions of such an experience remain deeply embedded.



Transform the Aegean into your canvas of unparalleled experiences. Respond to that adrenaline calling the thrilling way by engaging in water sports that will energize you and introduce you to a new world of unforgettable moments.


Scuba diving

When others are scratching the surface of the Mediterranean magnificence, you can dive and experience it. An underwater world of colors and marvels unveils before you, becoming scenery for an engaging, captivating memory.